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4KMILES is an all-round Amazon expert dedicated to grow your online business both on and off the Amazon platform. From PPC or DSP advertising to seller account full management services. Let's start from here.
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01 Amazon DSP Advertising
WHY AMAZON DSP Advertising?
While Google may know better in what you searched and Facebook may know better in what you did with your friends over the weekend, Amazon is the expert in knowing what products their audiences have searched and whether they have bought it yet or still in the consideration stage. We found that the conversion rate is around 3 times higher than other DSP platforms with a significant lower CPC.
Note: Examples of product images that we have optimized for our customers
4KMILES is an Amazon DSP agency found in the Amazon SPN (Solution Provider Network). We operate globally in North America, UK and China, helping hundreds of online sellers to promote their products globally. With the help of our inhouse marketplace big data tools, we setup and execute the best DSP strategy for our customers. We also provide free image optimization services to our customers required for the specific advertisement on different platforms and positions.
02 Full Amazon Account Management
In order to be successful in Amazon selling, it is crucial to manage your Amazon seller account professionally. Unfortunately, it is both time consuming and probably not the most fun part of your business. At 4KMILES, we are here to help take away all these hassles from you so that you can focus in your product development and other off-line business activities.
We will take care of everything including:
• Monitoring your account and all KPI to maximize your sales and keeping it always healthy;
• Buy box management - maximizing your presence whilst balancing your profitability;
• Inventory management - we will manage your inventory so that they are always well presented and available;
• Marketing – making use of all available advertising tools, e.g. sponsored products, DSP advertising, to grow your brands and sales in the most efficient way;
• Sourcing – Looking for a way to source new products? We can help.
03 Amazon PPC Advertising
Proprietary AI automation platform combined with content and marketing expertise that drives continuous optimization, results, and improved ROI.
We are an Amazon advertising partner, helping hundreds of Amazon sellers in promoting their business on and off the Amazon platform. Making use of the marketplace big data, we set out the best advertising strategies for our customers in defining their success path.
In addition, we provide Amazon seller accounts full managed services, allowing our customers to focus on their product development and other off-line business.
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